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Phosphorus recovery from wastewater - IWA Sweden seminar 11 April

To establish the status for phosphorus extraction from thermochemically treated sludge an IWA Sweden seminar was held 11 April in Malmö.


Incineration of sludge for P-recovery
Inge Johansson, RISE Research Institutes of Sweden

Potential benefits for P-recovery by sludge gasification
Thomas Koch, TK Energy, Denmark

P-recovery processes in Germany
Fabian Kraus, Kompetenzzentrum Wasser Berlin, Germany

Agricultural requirements on P-fertilisers based on wastewater products
Lena Rodhe, RISE Research Institutes of Sweden

An integrated comparative technological, environmental and economic assessment of P-recovery technologies
Mathias Zessner, Vienna University of Technology, Austria

Eco:P, N and S – Resource recovery from organic waste products
Gunnar Thelin, Ekobalans, Sweden

Ash2Phos –Recovery of P and precipitation chemicals from sludge ash
Yariv Cohen, RagnSells EasyMining, Sweden

PhosphoGreen – P-recovery from digester supernatant
Peter Balslev, Suez Water, Denmark

Working towards P-recovery from sludge ash in Copenhagen
Dines Thornberg, Biofos, Denmark

Phosphorus recovery in Finland – Case RAVITA
Laura Rossi, Helsinki Region Environmental Services Authority, Finland

P-recovery potentials from thermal gasified sludge
Alejandra Campos, Sülzle Kopf, Germany

ASH DEC – Thermochemical P-recovery from sludge
Tanja Schaaf, Outotec, Germany

Sewage sludge mineralization with PYREG
Elke Sellering, Eliquo Stulz, Germany

Sum up of the seminar
Anders Nättorp, University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland

 Programme available as PDF.