PFAS - the poison on everyone's lips - Svenskt Vatten Hoppa till huvudinnehåll

PFAS - the poison on everyone's lips

The report concludes with proposals for some measures that Swedish Water (Svensk Vatten) believes will be crucial to addressing the PFAS problem in future.

Upstream work is the key, that is to say ensure that PFAS does not end up in our sewage systems, in soil and water. The only way to achieve this is to ban PFAS. International work is absolutely crucial. The EU must define PFAS as a group and introduce a group ban. A ban with very restrictive exceptions in the case of “essential use”.

The companies that sell goods containing PFAS have a great responsibility and we call on them to voluntarily restrict, in the long term cease, the sale of such goods. Swedish Water wants products with PFAS to be provided with warning signs, something like the requirements for labelling tobacco and alcohol.

The report points out that we ourselves as an organisation together with our own members must accept responsibility, just as every consumer has the opportunity to turn away from PFAS and in such a way influence the market players.

Read the report here (pdf).