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Microplastics, 8 November

An IWA Sweden Conference about microplastics and how to reduce the emissions of them to water and soils.

Theme 1: What is the problem with microplastics and where do they come from?

International overview and summary of a Swedish Government Commission and the Environmental Protection Agency’s proposal on measures
Anna Maria Sundin, Swedish EPA

Nordic program to reduce the environmental impact of plastics
Satu Reijonen, Nordic Council of Ministers

Theme 2: What are they and how do we know they are there?

Overview of methods and challenges for microplastic analysis
Jes Vollertsen, Aalborg University

Analysis with FT-IR and image software
Alvise Vianello, Aalborg University

Theme 3: What can be done about microplastics in stormwater?

Microplastics in stormwater
Fan Liu, Aalborg University

Optimized materials and processes for the separation of microplastic in road runoff
Daniel Venghaus, Technical University Berlin

Theme 4: What happens at the wastewater treatment plant, in sludge and soil?

Retention of microplastics in wastewater treatment plants
Julia Talvitie, Aalto University Helsinki

Microplastics in wastewater, sludges and soil
Marta Simon, Aalborg University

Plastics in the terrestrial environment
Esperanza Huerta, Wageningen University & Research

Theme 5: What results can be expected from ongoing research?

MICROPOLL (Multilevel assessment of microplastics and associated pollutants in the Baltic Sea)
Christian Baresel, IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute

IMPASSE (Impacts of MicroPlastics in AgroSystems and Stream Environments)
Martyn Futter, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

Programme available as PDF.