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Biofilms in drinking water supply systems

IWA Sweden seminar about state of the art on biofilm in drinking water production and distribution. January 18 in Lund.



Dynamics of bacterial communities in fresh water and biofilms

How biofilm communities assemble in nature
Silke Langenhelder, Uppsala University

Bacterial communities in slow sand filters
Sandy Chan, Lund University, Sydvatten, Sweden Water Research

Factors shaping wastewater treatment biofilms: temperature and predators
Carolina Suarez, University of Gothenburg

Biofilms in pipes and distribution systems

The shocking truth about electrified pipes
Marie Baehr, ePipeSystems, Lund

Where does the biofilm begin?
Catherine Paul, Lund University

What can we learn from model distribution systems?
Katherine Fish, University of Sheffield, UK

Understanding biofilm function in water production

Microbial players in rapid sand filter biofilms
Jane Fowler, DTU

Using flow cytometry to understand drinking water biofilms
Frederick Hammes, EAWAG, Switzerland

Impact of ultrafiltration on the distribution system biofilm
Kristjan Pullerits, Lund University, Sydvatten, Sweden Water Research

Engineering biofilms

Can we manipulate a biofilm for desirable features?Sanin Muscovic, Danish Technical Institute

Programme available as PDF.