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The SWWA R&D University Program

The Swedish Water and Wastewater Association’s University program has allowed the establishment of a strong collaboration between universities, institutes, municipal water and wastewater utilities and industry. The program consists of four R&D-clusters.

Dag & Nät (Day & Net)

Dag & Nät aims to develop and communicate research-based knowledge as well as establish stormwater and pipeline networks. Green in the map below.


DRICKS is a project programme for drinking water research and development in Sweden – from source to tap. Blue in the map below.

Water & Wastewater Technology South

Water & Wastewater Technology South is a project programme that aims to strengthen research, development and education in water supply and wastewater technology in southern Sweden. Yellow in the map below. 

Water & Wastewater Cluster Systems Mälardalen

Water & Wastewater Cluster Systems Mälardalen is a project programme that aims to join researchers, water and wastewater organisations in the exploration of resource efficient management of wastewater and sludge. Red in the map below.

Water Research School – not just for PhD students

The Water Research School is a collaboration between Dag & Nät, DRICKS, Water & Wastewater Cluster Systems Mälardalen, Water & Wastewater Technology South and Sweden Water Research. The courses are open to all qualified employees of the Swedish Water & Wastewater Association, i.e. local water and wastewater suppliers. Are you interested in deepening your knowledge and understanding of water and wastewater technology? Visit the Water Research School portal at Lund University to find out more.