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Advanced Urban Wastewater Treatment

Education of wastewater engineers has followed different routes in the Scandinavian countries due to different treatment strategies and the university education has focused on the present technology in each country. The future challenges however are the same.
It is now time for a combined effort for post education of the practitioners in the field in order to utilise the strong positions from each country and to develop a new practise to meet the future.
Lund University and the Technical University of Denmark together with Svenskt Vatten have developed a course for this purpose.

Wastewater treatment plants in Sweden and Denmark have been extended for nitrogen and phosphorus removal during the last decades. Today almost all municipalities have new or retrofitted plants that meet the discharge limits. However, a number of new challenges are coming up and will put significant pressure on municipalities and the engineers working in the field;

  • New discharge requirements and requirements to the sludge quality are coming up
  • Pharmaceuticals, health care products and priority pollutants will put new pressure on the wastewater and sludge management
  • Increasing energy prices and need to reduce energy consumption call for re-evaluation of the process schemes and operational strategies
  • Advances in microbiology improve the possibilities to optimise operation
  • Emerging processes enable effective plant expansion in cases of need for more capacity in the wastewater or sludge handling.

Course content

Day 1; Advances in waste water treatment
Day 2; Advances in sludge treatment and handling of emerging problems
Day 3; Energy optimisation

Who should attend

The course is open for wastewater engineers with a university background in wastewater treatment and with a wish for up-to-date knowledge of advanced wastewater treatment.