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A Vision for Water

Stakeholders in the water sector have jointly developed a nationally anchored strategic research and innovation agenda for the water sector in Sweden – A Vision for Water – for sustainable water services for good health and a good environment.

The water sector’s joint research and innovation agenda, A Vision for Water, should provide guidance for the support from Vinnova and other R & I funders to Swedish research and innovation in the field of water supply and wastewater treatment. A Vision for Water also targets politicians and officials in governmental departments and agencies at different levels.

Trade associations, universities, research institutes, governmental agencies, NGOs, companies and water service organizations have all contributed to the work in an open process led by the Swedish Water & Wastewater Association (SWWA). The R & I agenda is a starting document for further cooperation. It shall contribute to innovative and sustainable solutions to the Swedish and global water challenges.

Sweden can internationally contribute in a number of areas regarding water and sanitation. A Vision for Water provides examples and encourages Swedish stakeholders to develop solutions which become successful export products and generate new job opportunities in Sweden. Today, Swedish water expertise export is worth approximately SEK 6 billion annually. The potential for growth is great considering that sales on the world market is about